Catherine Oster’s Book “A Different Voice” is available on Amazon. As an independent publisher, there are challenges to selling through Amazon Advantage: lack of personal service being one.

We’re trying to re-stock and can’t get a warehouse order processed. Hang in there!


Self-publishing books

Cover of Dr Catherine Oster's book
Cover of Dr Catherine Oster’s book

I recently completed the editing, design and layout of a compelling book by Dr. Catherine Oster. Because she wanted to control distribution we elected to use

I must say I was impressed by the customer service, the reasonable prices and the quality of the finished product.

PHP vs.

During some discussions about web design and content management, I learned the difference between php and While forging ahead with a concept to build a site on wordpress, I discovered that the company server was a Microsoft server and would not be able to host the open source structure. Pity, but not surprising since it’s Microsoft.

Nonetheless, it is so affordable to buy hosting that I will continue with the plan to build the sites in wordpress and bypass the corporate server.

In short, php is open source, easy to use code and is more enterprise based, Microsoft specific. I found many good conversations when googling “php vs” including this one.


I was quite pleased to spend a couple of hours watching videos on and attending the class mentioned before, and then produced this site for Pam Koehler, print broker in just a couple of hours.

We have yet to sit down together and review the administration process, but the core information is there and it looks nice.

WordPress Class

On 5/31/11 I took a class with Lynn Kinnaman and while there were some technical difficulties it was useful to talk to someone with some experience using the two versions of wordpress. One important thing I must keep in mind is the difference between post and pages.

For my purposes, I will download the wordpress app through bluehost into the client’s account and work on it there. With, you can purchase premium templates that look quite nice. Recommended plug-in sources: ithemes and genesis.  And it is in the template plug in that you can adjust the keywords and tags for SEO.


Client-managed websites

I get a lot of questions from small businesses wanting to set up a basic web site that they can maintain themselves. Services like godaddy and 1&1 are great turnkey domain name registrars, hosting services and web building packages. These on-line tools work well for content management once the initial set-up has been done.

But occasionally someone has a domain registered with just a basic hosting service. I’ve built Dreamweaver sites for them, but then I need to do the editing unless they get Contribute.

This is my own learning experiment with WordPress and the open source access it offers. Let’s see how it works.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far: is for free sites using the suffix. is the software download to place on a host server to work on the site via a browser.